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Top 9 Best Luxury Hotels In Sharm el Sheikh

23 February 2022

Sharm el sheikh is a beautiful city with so much to offer. Sharm el sheikh is ideal for travelers who enjoy luxury hotels and resorts, from the stunning coastline to the fantastic mountain ranges. With all the lovely attractions available in this Egyptian coastal city, it's hard to decide where you want to stay. Here are ten of the best luxury hotels in Sharm el sheikh that will make your trip a memorable one.


Overview of the city

Sharm el sheikh is a beautiful city with amazing wonders. It's a coastal city in Egypt surrounded by mountains.

The mountain ranges create an impressive view of a stunning coastline, popularized in movies and TV shows.

The resorts and hotels in Sharm el sheikh are all luxurious and offer a unique experience you won't soon forget. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, these luxury hotels provide everything you could ever want during your stay in Sharm el-Sheikh. In this piece, we shall discuss the best nine luxury hotels in Sharm el sheikh and provide a detailed explanation of each. Let's get started;


Things to consider when choosing the best hotel in Sharm el sheikh

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best luxury Sharm el sheikh hotels. Some of those things include;

Services offered by the hotel

It's essential to find out what the hotel offers services. It's also important to know if your required services are available or if you will have to go out of the hotel to get them.

Check out the hotel's website and see if they offer special services, including spa packages, fishing tours, or excursions. With that information in hand, you can better decide which hotel is best for you and your travel partner(s).


A good location gives you a more comfortable stay during your vacation. It also saves you valuable time traveling from one place to another and saves gas and money spent on unnecessary travel expenses. Finding a great location is not easy, especially when staying in Sharm el sheikh. As such, you need to use common sense to find a good place for your luxury Sharm el sheikh hotel. If there are no mountain ranges nearby for reference, stick with hotels close to major tourist attractions. It's okay if the resort is outside of town because there will still be plenty of activities around for tourists, such as sightseeing tours and hiking trails. So it won't matter if the hotel is located further away from town.

Recreational facilities available

That is another essential thing to consider when booking your luxury Sharm el sheikh hotel. If you and your travel partner(s) are looking for a fun and exciting vacation, then it's vital that you pick a hotel that offers some recreational facilities. Many hotels in Sharm el sheikh provide facilities for guests to enjoy, such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, and even bowling alleys.

Spa & Fitness Center

Most luxury Sharm el sheikh hotels offer guests spa and fitness centers on-site. There are plenty of hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh that offer the kinds of facilities mentioned above, so there will always be a place for you to relax when you visit the resort. Another benefit of staying at a hotel offering spa services is having access to complimentary massages or other health treatments during your stay. It's worth paying extra for this service because it will provide pretty cheap holidays and save you on travel expenses; unfortunately, most people don't consider these when booking their vacation accommodation.

Security and safety

Another essential thing to consider when booking your luxury Sharm el sheikh hotel is security and safety. While the fear of terrorism is still prevalent in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, it is scary that you will be safe in your room at night. With proper security measures, you should be confident that you will be safe whenever you travel to Sharm el-Sheikh. Some hotels have safety features like biometric locks, 24-hour guards, reinforced doors and windows, and other cyber security devices designed to protect guests from intruders. Of course, there are always good old-fashioned locks on gates, but it doesn't hurt to have a few extra layers of protection, especially when traveling overseas.


A luxury hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh should provide a reasonable price for something as luxurious and luxurious as staying at a magnificent resort. The costs for all the services mentioned above should be relatively affordable as well, although it is still expected for you to pay a little more for staying at a top branded hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. If you compare prices online, referrals from friends, or even from hotels in your home country, then you may find that the cost of your Sharm el sheikh hotel is quite reasonable.


If you're a guest looking to make a reservation at one of Sharm el-Sheik hotels and you want to know if it's worth planning your stay at that hotel. You can always go online and read reviews from other guests about their experience with the hotel. That will help you decide whether the reviews are true or false, which means that you will be able to determine whether this luxury Sharm el-Sheikh hotel suits your needs.


The best nine hotels in Sharm el sheikh

After considering all the tips discussed above, we have compiled a list of the best nine luxury hotels in Sharm el sheikh. They include;


Savoy Sharm El Sheikh - Book Here

The Savoy Sharm El Sheikh is one of the best-rated luxury hotels in Soho square, Sharm el sheikh, Egypt. The hotel features free parking, pool, free internet, workout room, 24 hours room service, rooms with sea views, and many more unique services. The hotel is all set to welcome its guests from all over the world to enjoy their comfortable stay.


Steigenberger Alcázar Sharm El Sheikh - Book Here

Steigenberger Alcázar Sharm El Sheikh is a luxurious 5-star international hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. Its impressive services, high-end facilities, and exclusive facilities make all the guests feel at home.

The hotel features a beautiful garden, swimming pool, and gym. Its restaurant offers the best of international cuisines. Moreover, it has luxurious rooms and suites offering breathtaking views of the mountains beyond the hotel's terrace.


Sunrise Montemare Resort -Grand Select - Book Here

This luxurious resort is located in Sharm el-Sheikh. Sunrise Montemare Resort -Grand select provides you with a home away home experience. The hotel has many facilities, including a spa area, pool, four restaurants, and more services. All the rooms are beautifully decorated and spacious. This luxurious resort is located in high-end buildings overlooking the pools, gardens, and beaches. It has all that you need to make your time with family enjoyable. The rooms are perfect for families as they have their kitchens, hairdryers, and a bathroom with showers.


Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh - Book Here

The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is a luxurious hotel located in the unique areas of Sharm el-sheikh. The hotel is one of the largest of its type in the Middle East.

Guests are offered a breathtaking view of the magical surrounding mountains and beaches.

The luxury hotel offers four restaurants, six swimming pools, 4 bars, and many more services. The property features luxurious rooms and suites.


Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa - Book Here

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh. This beautiful hotel features a fantastic beach and sea view and modern luxurious rooms.

It offers some of the best water sports in the region, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, waterskiing, and much more. The hotel has a gym to keep you fit and healthy. It has a spa center and many other services.


Rixos Premium Seagate - Ultra All Inclusive - Book Here

This fantastic resort is located in the most beautiful gardens of Sharm El Sheikh. Its facilities include a pool, spa, and gym.

It also has a 5-star hotel with restaurants, shops, bars, and entertainment.

The hotel has many rooms, including deluxe, premium and suite, and villas for two to eight people. The rooms are all beautifully designed and have a modern touch. This hotel offers an elegant ambiance with comfort and luxury throughout the resort.


Albatros Palace Sharm - Families and couples only. - Book Here

The Albatros Palace Sharm El Sheikh is a 5-star family hotel with several facilities, including a spa center, gym, and swimming pools. It also has specialized services to help you enjoy your stay in the resort, such as children's camp, sailing, tennis, and even in-villas. The hotel has a fantastic view of the gardens, sea, and mountains. It has a sophisticated ambiance with elegance throughout the resort.


Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort - Book Here

Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort & Spa is a luxurious hotel located in the most beautiful part of Sharm El Sheikh.

It also has a beach and sea view and many facilities, including swimming pools, restaurants, and bars.

There are also many services such as a spa, casino, and more. The hotel is ideally located near some of the best beaches in the region.


Royal Monte Carlo Villas & Suites - Book Here

The Royal Monte Carlo is another luxurious hotel. It has several rooms, including a penthouse and villas for 2 to 8 people.

The hotel has incredible facilities, including a stunning bar and restaurant area, a swimming pool, spa center, gym, and more services. The hotel is located near some of the best beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh, and you can access it from your villa or the main road.



So, if you are looking for a place to stay, you have come to the right place. All travel magazines and different online sites have chosen these hotels as the best. You can select any of the hotels and enjoy your stay in the beautiful part of Sharm El Sheikh. One thing is sure, enjoying these hotels will make your vacations even better.