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savoy sharm el sheikh all inclusive holiday

14 February 2022

The above shows great deals for your trip to Sharm El Sheikh

The Savoy Group is proud to offer you the best-guaranteed rates. In addition to first-class accommodations, the amenities and services you will experience at the Savoy Group, as well as their prime location in Sharm El Sheikh, they have the best price guarantee that helps you make secure reservations with the confidence that you will receive the best rates available online. If you find a lower price for the same type of services and dates of stay on other websites, you can contact them within 24 hours so that they can amend your reservation with a lower price estimate.


Luxury and beauty

The hotel is classified as a 5-star luxury hotel. The Savoy Hotel extends over an area of 200,000 square meters, with waterfalls and rich tropical greenery, surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility. It embodies the advantages of the highest levels of traditional hotels from restaurants, bars, and unparalleled swimming pools, as well as offers sports and diving services, health clubs and spa.

The Savoy Hotel has a stunning architectural design. They take pride in their quintessential style, from the marble floors to the high-ceilinged interior to the general style theme of simple colors. The location of the hotel allows you to enjoy wonderful views of the hotel's swimming pools and the island of Tiran. The 414 tastefully decorated rooms range from single, double, and triple rooms to the luxurious Presidential Suite. All rooms are furnished with high-quality fittings and designed to give visitors a serene experience.

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Your daily schedule at the Savoy Hotel

8:00: Breakfast at Tirana Restaurant

You can start your day with a delicious breakfast at Tirana Restaurant. Enjoy fresh food as well as selected juices, coffee, and tea.

9:00: Sport time

Do not miss your sports routine during your trip. You can visit our excellent fitness center for a healthy start to your day.

16:00: Water sports

Enjoy the sun and take advantage of the beautiful beach with scuba diving, snorkeling, and other exciting water activities.

18:00: Spa time

After an active morning, give yourself some time to enjoy a luxurious spa treatment.

20:00: Enjoy a fine dinner

Enjoy the end of your day with a sumptuous dinner, an exciting meal, and a tasting of a fine-grilled steak.


Advantages of booking savoy sharm el sheikh

1. Earn 10% extra points

Every time you book directly through their website, you will get additional bonus points of 10%.

2. Free cancel

You can cancel your reservation for free up to four days before the arrival date with their flexible rates during the regular period.

3. Special Offers

Only through their sites do you get special offers that you will not find on any other site

4. Best price guarantee.

We guarantee that you will get the best prices available online when you book through their website.

5. Free internet in the room

If you book through the website, you will get free internet for 24 hours, once per stay.

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Red Sea Guide to Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

The Red Sea is home to some of the most fantastic diving sites globally. It is the most attractive diving center in the Middle East, whether for deep diving (scuba) or snorkeling

(snorkeling) and a destination for underwater adventures.

With the harmoniously warm waters of the Red Sea (the second hottest water in the world), diverse marine life, amazing ecosystems, and coral reefs. The Red Sea is ideal for deep-sea diving and snorkeling all year round. They also have their diving center in the Savoy group, where expert diving instructors provide lessons for deep diving. Diving in the Red Sea is an absolute must during your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.


Scuba diving sites in the Red Sea

From the Savoy Group, hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and many diving centers in the Red Sea are easily accessible. Each offers a unique view of enchanting marine life, colorful coral reefs, sharks, or even shipwrecks suitable for various experience levels. If you are not sure which dive site is best for you, their diving experts can help you choose the perfect diving location.


Here are some of their guests' favorite dive sites:

• Testel Gorm: dive to explore shipwrecks.

• Ras Mohammed Reserve: Diving to explore the sea barrier.

• Abu Nawas Reefs: Diving to explore shipwrecks.

• Jackson Reef: Diving to explore the marine barrier.

• Thomas Reeve: Diving to explore the sea barrier.

• Ras Umm Sid: beach diving/snorkeling.

• El Garden: Diving to explore the marine life and ecosystem.

• Shark's Bay: beach diving/snorkeling.


Savoy Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving and Training Courses

The Savoy Diving Center partners with the Dive Up Club and offers training programs with custom skills and designs to suit your skill and experience levels to ensure safe, enjoyable, and successful diving. For beginners, the center offers experiential snorkeling directly from White Knight Beach or a coastal boat to get a glimpse of the underwater world. Equipment rentals with advanced open water excursions, snorkeling adventures for kids, day trips, deep-sea diving, and a host of other water sports and activities are all available through the Dive Up Club. You can also book an underwater photography service to take souvenir photos of your unique trip in the Red Sea.


Essential trips and day trips in Sharm El Sheikh

When visiting an area rich in history, such as the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, you will find a journey to explore the region beyond the walls and walls of the resort! Sharm El Sheikh offers access to some of the best excursions in the Sinai peninsula, with plenty of experiences available regardless of different interests. Day trips, sightseeing tours, and excursions within the Sinai are among the most popular things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, and their guests love this opportunity to explore Egypt and much more!

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Sharm El Sheikh trips and day trips

Its extraordinary spectrum of colors distinguishes the Colorful Valley. The Colorful Valley is

located in northeastern Sinai. It is indeed a natural wonder and one of the sites worth exploring and seeing. Here you will find the natural rock formations and the deep walls of the colorful valley and attract guests who prefer this easy but exotic trip in the Sinai.


Mount Sinai (Mount Moses) and Saint Catherine's Monastery

It is located at the foot of Mount Sinai (Mount Moses), and here you will find the Church of the Burning Bush, which is located at the roots of the tree known in the Bible, as it is said to be the place where God spoke to Moses. A few steps away from it you will find the Monastery of St. Catherine, which dates back to the sixth century and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited monasteries in the world. For more active visitors, Mount Moses itself can be climbed from Saint Catherine's Monastery to the summit, with part of the route accessible by camel. Climbing in the evening to watch the sunrise from the top is a truly unique and exhilarating experience.


Camel ride at sunset and Bedouin dinner in the desert

Away from the city lights, the desert offers a perfect view of the sparkling starry sky. Where you can venture to the Sinai for a unique experience in a lifetime that you will never forget. The evening begins with a camel ride at sunset, followed by a traditional Bedouin dinner, all taking place at the foothills of the stunning and inspiring mountains at the foot of the expansive Sinai mountain range. The guide will show you the various constellations, constellations and star formations among the millions of visible stars. You will meet Bedouins who wear traditional Bedouin clothing such as the galabia and the agal and greet you in their traditional tents as a welcome guest. Participate in the authentic Bedouin dinner where dinner is prepared in company together on the grill accompanied by authentic Arabic bread under thousands of stars. After dinner you sip Bedouin tea with healthy desert herbs and then you can relax and enjoy the spirit of calm in the desert.



Desert safari takes place as this activity is a highlight of any visit in Sinai as it combines stunning views of mountains and barren valleys. Explore hidden oases and real waterfalls, or squeeze in some of the secluded beaches and vistas of the Red Sea that can only be reached by camel. Savoy can arrange individual desert safaris and group excursions, led by highly experienced guides in cars and minibuses


Find your favorites in our range of food offers.

Guests can choose between the restaurants and bars they visit within the hotel of their choice. The Savoy hotel also offers several food offerings designed to provide a flexible selection of their dining options. Where you can choose the food offerings that suit your taste, and then you can sit back and enjoy your meal.


Bed and breakfast

You can choose the bed and breakfast food package and start your day with a buffet breakfast in their signature restaurant, Tirana.

Breakfast and Dinner (Half Board Dinner Round)

Guests who choose half board can enjoy two full meals each day. Where you can have breakfast in Tirana and

choose dinner in the Tirana restaurant or one of the following restaurants with the (Alakart) system:

• Rose Marino.

• Seafood Island.

• East Oriental Restaurant.

• Caligula Hot Rock.

• Zen Chinese Restaurant.

• Bombay Restaurant.

• Mai Thai Thai Restaurant.

• Luxor Restaurant.

• Fusion 21.

• Sushi Bar.

• Teppanyaki.

• Akuna Matata.

• Lanter Côte (at an additional discounted fee).



Enjoy an all-inclusive, all-day stay with the S Class at the Savoy, offering you an unparalleled variety of choices. Start your day with breakfast in the main restaurant of Tirana, then explore the special services in their resort at no extra cost, starting with free snacks and drinks all day long at the pool and beach, relaxing in the spa with a free 20-minute massage, mini bar in your room (filled once per stay), and soft and alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and juices of your choice at 17 bars in Savoy and Soho Square, you can also benefit from a special discount on Room Service. You can choose from different international cuisines offered by the main buffet restaurant Tirana at lunch. Or fresh seafood at the seafood island restaurant overlooking the Red Sea shore. And for dinner, prepare for a unique dining experience where you can enjoy your dinner.

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Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Sharm El Sheikh with the Savoy Group.

Sharm El Sheikh is located in the heart of the most sought-after resorts and tourist destinations around the world. The Savoy Group is pleased to offer a selection of luxury and upscale resorts and hotels for holidays in Sharm El Sheikh.

In addition to the commitment to exemplary hospitality in terms of accommodation, leisure, and luxury dining, the Savoy Group has earned a well-deserved reputation globally and locally among the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Sea region.

They are proud of their most famous 5-star hotels and resorts in Egypt. The Savoy Group is also pleased to be the owner of Soho Square, the most popular shopping, entertainment, and dining center in Sharm El Sheikh.

During your stay at the award-winning Savoy Sharm El-Sheikh group of hotels, you will enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars that cater to different tastes locally and internationally, and the high levels of entertainment and nightlife, all within the resort's boundaries.

Celebrate social events with the appropriate style and level and the ability to host corporate events in Sharm El Sheikh in the most spacious and highest-level places, spaces, and gatherings in terms of equipment and capabilities.


Meetings and conference rooms in Sharm El Sheikh

You can host your meetings in the Savoy Group. Centrally located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, it is the ideal meeting point between the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The proximity of the Savoy Group of hotels to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH) makes the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh one of the world's most accessible venues for meetings, conferences, and banquets.

Large conferences, small business groups, ceremonies, and weddings can be hosted as they can be easily accommodated in any of the 15 various event spaces and halls. You can choose the Egyptian Hall (Egypt Hall) with delicate decorations to host large conferences and wedding celebrations. You can choose the elegant turquoise room for medium-sized meetings.

Savoy always has the perfect venues and flexible facilities and equipment to guarantee a successful and spectacular celebration regardless of the size, scope, and style of your events. Browse their meetings and events flyers and contact them to start planning your elegant events in Sharm El Sheikh.


Plan an unforgettable holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world as it is not just a beautiful resort but also a part of Egypt's ancient history. Sharm El Sheikh is home to many of the most famous sites globally, including Mount Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Sinai desert. It is an oasis between the desert sands and Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the ideal destinations for diving

enthusiasts to reach the depth of the colorful coral reefs in the depths of the Red Sea, water sports enthusiasts who seek an exciting adventure in Shark Bay, as well as nature fans who flock to Sharm El-Sheikh for its masterpieces of national parks and nature reserves.

Visitors to Sharm El-Sheikh would like to take unique day trips in the area, including camel riding, quad biking in the desert, climbing the majestic mountains of Sinai, enjoying the magic of the colorful valley or a one-of-a-kind experience at a Bedouin dinner with locals under the stars.

In addition to the natural wonders of the Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh is also home to the most exciting nightlife and superb dining destinations in Egypt. Golf courses, vibrant casinos, luxurious health clubs, trendy bars, and lounges are all within easy reach of the Sharm El Sheikh resort area. Start planning your Sharm El Sheikh trip by exploring all the fantastic activities that you can do in the Red Sea and Sinai.



Savoy Club Rewards Program, Get exclusive benefits and privileges.

Get Savoy Club Rewards with every stay.

You can gain valuable benefits through membership in the Savoy Club. Every time you stay at one of the resorts and hotels of the Savoy International Group, you will earn points that can be exchanged for additional rewards and privileges.

Reward points are obtained for each night of stay according to the type of room and according to the meal plan, whether full board or half board, and points are obtained four days after the date of departure. Reward points can be redeemed for free nights, additional meals in the restaurant, sessions at the health club, and enjoyment of the recreational facilities at Soho Square, together with other benefits.

Your membership in the Savoy Club is different. Savoy Club points can be collected and exchanged, whether you book through a travel agency, online or directly.

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Membership levels and benefits

The more frequently members of the Savoy Club stay in the Savoy Group hotels and resorts, the greater their entitlements are to the many membership benefits. For example, the Savoy Club discount is available exclusively to Savoy Club members throughout the year, and when booking a direct room in one of the Savoy Group hotels, the discount increases according to the level of membership. Savoy Club membership benefits are offered at three levels: Blue, Gold, and Platinum. The level of membership is determined by the number of status points gained through repeated stays.