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Elounda Bay Palace: The Best World-Class Service

14 February 2022

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There's no secret: the best way to decide where to go on vacation is still planning. To avoid stress or surprises with too high prices, the idea is to choose the destination in advance and prepare yourself financially. Still haven't set out to research your trip? We are here to help.

Next, we will share tips on destinations to enjoy your July vacation with your family, the most popular cities at the time, and the best packages. Continue reading to find out more!


Elounda Bay Palace, the place to be!

Quietly located on the edge of Mirabello Bay, Elounda Bay Palace is a luxury resort set among 20 acres of gardens on the northeastern edge of Crete, combining personalized service, the charm of Crete, and unique hospitality. This elegant resort offers a wide range of leisure facilities, including two sandy beaches. The resort is open seasonally from mid-April to late October, comprehensive watersports and fitness center, sauna and hammam, plus seven award-winning restaurants.

Just minutes from the beaches and the Elounda fishing village, this modern 5-star hotel is surrounded by acres of gardens and overlooks Mirabello Bay.

Elounda Bay Palace Hotel offers a variety of large, comfortably designed, and furnished guest rooms. Some rooms have terraces with direct access to the pool, and some have fireplaces.

Guests can enjoy dining while enjoying Mirabello Bay's pool view and panoramic sea views. The hotel's Thalassa Waterfront restaurant serves a variety of seafood delicacies, and its Aretoussa restaurant specializes in Greek and international cuisine.

Elounda Bay Palace offers a variety of beauty treatments. Facilities include a fitness center, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pool, and free parking area. Couples specifically loved the location.

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What you will find

Elounda Bay Palace Hotel is a fairy tale mixture between the scenic charm of nature represented by the palm trees, the spacious garden, the clear water, and the antique architectural design that resembles the luxurious royal palaces and is considered one of the most beautiful resorts.

The hotel is characterized by luxurious modern décor. It offers accommodation options to suit everyone and many recreational facilities and services that make the visitor not need to leave the hotel for entertainment and enjoyment.

The Elounda Bay Palace is located near the airport and has many shopping centers, attractions, and entertainment in Greece.

In this guide, we will present the details of Elounda Bay Place, one of the most famous chains of the Greece Hotel.


The features

Elounda Bay Palace includes spacious adult and children swimming pools, sauna, health club, wellness and spa center, full-body massages, beauty services, body and hair treatments.

It also includes a beauty salon, gift shops, a business center, well-equipped meeting rooms, and rooms with facilities for VIPs, family rooms, and rooms for people with special needs.

The hotel provides a range of essential services for visitors, including shuttle service, concierge service, ticket reservations, organizing tours, as well as babysitting.

The Elounda Bay Palace Hotel has a garden, a private beach area, water sports facilities, a children's playground, a golf course within 3 km, squash, aerobics, and a water club. The hotel also hosts concerts live music shows.


Dining options

The Elounda Bay Palace includes luxurious restaurants from the best restaurants in Greece that serve various types of cuisine from international cuisines, especially from American cuisine Greek cuisine, and local kitchens in an open buffet and à la carte menu.

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VibeManifest image

Why You Should Go to Elounda Bay Palace For Your Vacation

There are many reasons to go to Elounda Bay Palace for your vacation. However, if you've never had the opportunity to travel to this type of destination, know that it is worth your time and money. You will enjoy the best services from this place. Keep reading to learn more about it!

Traveling on vacation is a great idea. After all, it is the only way to have fun, have new experiences, and get to know a new place. It's a way to make the holidays worthwhile, instead of spending them sleeping late and doing nothing in front of the computer.

But why choose Elounda Bay Palace as the place to spend your vacation? There are many reasons why this is an excellent choice. Next, we will present some of the main ones. Check out!


Going to the Elounda hotel is an opportunity to enjoy nature.

In everyday life in urban centers, it is very rare to get in touch with nature. There is not much green in big cities, and the few animals we find are usually domestic in nature, such as dogs and cats. But nature is a vast and diverse organism. So, even if you live in a city, it's worth looking for opportunities to connect more with the natural fauna and flora.

Visiting Elounda Bay Palace hotel is a great way to do this. In spaces like Spinalonga Island, it is possible to have experiences with nature that are inaccessible in the city. In the case of the example, the vegetation of the mountain region of Victoria Hislop's is unmissable, creating a lively and relaxing environment.

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The location offers unique opportunities to relax.

One of the best things that a travel destination can offer is the possibility of finding relaxation that does not exist in everyday life. We are used to hectic lives, which creates high-stress levels. So, why not spend your vacation in a quiet place?

This tranquility is one of the main advantages of traveling to Elounda Bay Palace. Being surrounded by nature helps you gain a new perspective and clear your mind. In addition, several activities can fill your time with pleasant and fun experiences.

In an Elounda Bay Palace hotel, there is something for everyone. If you plan to travel in a group, choosing a destination with interesting activities for everyone involved is essential. And Elounda Bay Palace is ideal for that.

This type of venue contains activity options for guests of all ages. Younger children can enjoy the children's play area while adults relax by the pool. And for older guests, there's always the option to relax in a hammock or take a light walk to enjoy the beautiful local greenery.

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What Elounda Bay Palace Hotel Offers

It's centrally located.

The location of the hotel is one of the most important factors for choosing it, in terms of the purpose of the holiday. The goal may be to visit the tourist places or enjoy swimming and diving. It is better to be close to these places so as not to waste time in reaching the desired places, and it is better to be close to the places of public services, such as restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. Elounda Bay Palace offers all these.


Large room size and contents

The size of the room is determined based on the number of people going to spend the holiday. Accordingly, the room is chosen if it is single or double, or if the whole family, it would be better to book hotel apartments, as they are better for large numbers. It is better to see real pictures of the rooms before booking, to know their contents from In terms of the number of beds, the external view, the availability of various devices such as the internal phone, wireless internet, and TV screen, as well as to identify the contents of the rooms' internal bathroom.

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Complimentary services

Elounda Bay Hotel hotels compete to provide the best free services to attract tourists, and among the free services that are supposed to be available in the hotel are room cleaning, laundry, and ironing services, in addition to the food delivery service to rooms and the escort service for children and people with special needs.


Additional hotel services

Elounda Bay Palace hotel offer guests a range of additional services according to the guest's desire, as some hotels offer distinguished services for businessmen, such as meeting and conference rooms, and services for setting dining tables under the full supervision of the hotel management, and some hotels also provide distinguished services for the newlyweds such as private rooms for the honeymoon, And wedding arrangements in private halls or on the sands of the beach, and outdoor services such as preparing a romantic dinner by candlelight and in the open air.


Hotel leisure services

Recreational services are one of the most important criteria in a hotel, as it is the ideal way to spend a special time inside the hotel. Elounda Bay Palace provides special places for beach sports such as tennis and volleyball and provides places for massage and sauna at the hands of specialists.

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Hotel arrangement

The hotel's arrangement of Elounda Bay Palace is the best. The best is the level of services provided to guests and at the same time its most appropriate prices among them. All rooms and suites at Elounda Bay Palace feature contemporary art pieces and feature a 55-inch flat-screen TV, work desk, and minibar. A laptop is provided, but subject to availability, extra towels are available upon request and at no additional cost.

Guests can sample Mediterranean and Asian cuisine at the on-site restaurants and have signature cocktails at the elegant pool bar or lobby bar. Early breakfast is also provided, while a breakfast box can be provided.

The on-site fitness center can be used 24/7. The Elounda Bay Palace also features a business center and meeting rooms with modern equipment, ideal for private or corporate events. Porter service and turndown service are available.


Bed and Breakfasts

Accommodation and accommodations in Elounda Bay Palace can vary widely in terms of cost, comfort, and surroundings, but make sure you get a unique experience. They usually provide a great location, independent travel, and a chance for you to reach the copper nails of Greece life - rather than the superficial feel of a big chain hotel. You will find a more personal touch at the Bay hotel; Examples include seating gardens and tea and coffee making facilities in each room.



One of the newest ways to enjoy a holiday in Elounda Bay Palace is to travel in a traditional yacht and sail the Spinalonga Island

while connecting to the nearby Greek islands. Trips aboard these two- or three-masted wooden sailing boats, often called blue cruises, are a popular option for small group rentals.

Yachting is popular for cruising. They provide an opportunity to increase your tan, search for secluded beaches and pursue your fishing. Plus, if you don't like the beach location where you parked, you can simply lift anchor and move on.

The type, luxury, and capacity of a yacht can vary greatly, depending on the size of your budget. Yacht owners have staff on board for the boat captain, and the largest of them come with their own hotel services staff to know every whim.


What to Know About Elounda Bay Palace

period of stay

The guest can hire one or more nights according to their own needs. However, the time of entry and exit must always be respected. If the guest takes too long to check out, the hotel may charge an additional daily rate or an amount proportional to the period exceeded.

So, if you need to stay a few hours beyond the daily period established by the accommodation, communicate with the reception in advance to check how the establishment usually acts in these cases.

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Overnight stay

This is a hosting model generally used by establishments with a large circulation of guests, which covers a maximum period of 12 hours.

The overnight stay usually only offers a specific period for the traveler to spend the night and continue the journey. It is usually a more economical option for those who just want to rest for a while and continue their journey to their destination.

With the pre-established rate, the Elounda Bay Palace hotel plans to leave the accommodation in perfect condition until the next guest arrives. If the guest checks out at 11 am, for example, the place has time to get everything ready for the next traveler, who arrives at 2 pm. Therefore, a one-day stay at the establishment does not last 24 hours.


Know How Elounda Bay Palace Hotel Works


Check-in is nothing more than the period in which the traveler enters the hotel's daily rate. It is at this point that the guest confirms all the details of the reservation and receives the room keys, instructions on services available during the stay, etc.

Check-in can be done directly at the hotel reception or online on websites and apps, for example. So, before traveling, ensure you book and make all the prior appointments. Since Elounda Bay Palace offers online booking, everything is likely to flow accordingly.



Check out is when the reservation is finalized. In addition to handing over the room keys, extra expenses for the consumption of items and services during the stay are accounted for. Thus, the guest pays the debts and ends the stay at the hotel.


Day Use

The expression Day Use is widely used by accommodations that offer various attractions, such as swimming pools and water parks, for example. In this modality, the guest is entitled to use the hotel's attractions for a pre-established period, which lasts, on average, from 9 to 12 hours.


No Show

A No Show occurs when a guest makes a reservation but does not show up at the hotel on the check-in date. Some establishments tend to be flexible about late check-in times. Therefore, if you are unable to arrive on time for check-in, it is worth notifying the hotel in advance to avoid problems with your accommodation.



Do you know what all-inclusive is? All-Inclusive is an accommodation system that already includes the consumption of drinks and food in the accommodation price. It usually offers excellent value for money, especially for family trips. The best thing is that Elounda Bay Palace hotel has all this covered.


Room Service

Room Service, of course, can't miss in Elounda Bay Palace hotel. It is a service offered to provide more comfort to travelers, who can order meals inside the room without having to go to the hotel's restaurants. Knowing what daily means, how about enjoying a stay at one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Elounda Bay Palace? Located at the edge of Mirabello Bay, the Elounda Bay Palace hotel complex has cozy accommodations for all types of travel: alone, as a couple, or with the whole family. In addition to the best beaches and swimming pools on the north coast, the place offers several attractions for you to enjoy during your stay.

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Surely you have already faced this question: is it worth going on a vacation in Elounda Bay Palace? You can attest to this from the article. The place is your destination for your loved ones as it has everything you wish to enjoy. Ranging from amazing cafes to superb beaches, Elounda Bay Palace is the place to be!