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cliff bay hotel madeira

1 March 2022

-The Cliff Bay Hotel Madeira is a beautiful hotel in the heart of Funchal and offers great service, a luxurious spa area with many different treatments and has excellent views over the capital. The hotel is also a great place for weddings and accommodates up to 350 people. The Cliff Bay Hotel Madeira offers great rooms, each with its own character, but all of them with views to the sea.

-There are over 30 different types of rooms available in this fantastic hotel, so there really is something for everyone. It's on top of a cliff overlooking the beautiful city in Funchal and it has a wonderful restaurant where guests can enjoy an exquisite meal with a beautiful view over the city below.

-So much to see and do, in the Cliff Bay Hotel Madeira. Cheap flights and accommodation, the comprehensive guide to Portugal can help you with all your holiday needs.

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-Portugal's primary source of tourism, Madeira is a Mediterranean island with crystal clear water, lush vegetation and an alluring blend of old world charm and modern architecture. There are excellent beaches, great restaurants and lively bars, an exciting nightlife scene. The historic city of Funchal is laced with narrow cobblestoned streets which meander in between old stone buildings that reflect the city's proud history. There are plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay in Madeira, including scuba diving, sailing and fishing.

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-Ofir Drori, a travel blogger from Tel Aviv, said : "What's the best thing about Madeira: The pleasant weather. It is not too hot like in many places in the world. The city of Funchal offers nice walking and biking trails. I have been to Madeira three times, and I love it!"

-Madeira is known for its friendly residents and has lots to offer tourists looking for a serene spot to call home. The beautiful city of Funchal is the perfect place to start your holiday in Madeira. Rent a bike, walk around the town and admire its colonial and Mediterranean architecture. There are some excellent seafood restaurants in Funchal where you can sample the island's rich cuisine. Make sure to visit the cathedral, built in 1514 and many fortresses around Funchal to see how the citizens lived during the Portuguese occupation from 1420 to 1975.

-Portuguese is spoken in Madeira as it is in the rest of Portugal. The locals are warm and welcoming, and the landscape is beautiful to discover. There are many beaches on Madeira and they provide amazing scenery to appreciate while you relax in the sun and swim in the clear waters.

-Madeira was an important staging ground for invaders from mainland Europe, including Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians and North Africans.


The Portuguese conquered the island in 1420.

-In the 16th century, Sir John Hawkins launched a lucrative shipping business, capturing and selling African slaves to Madeira. The ship 'Jesus' was the first of its kind to reach Madeira on March 25th 1541, bringing slaves from Africa to sell. These were later traded for pepper. Hawkins then sailed on to Brazil and later died in poverty back home in Plymouth.

-Madeira was a popular resort for monarchs throughout the years. It has been visited by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and wife, Empress Augusta Victoria, Crown Prince Umberto (later King Umberto I) and wife Margherita. Other royals to visit were Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary (and her husband) in 1898, Crown Prince Rudolph and Princess Stephanie of Austria-Hungary in 1906.


Charles de Gaulle was a frequent visitor in the 1950s.

-In the 1960s, President Charles de Gaulle visited Madeira on several occasions. It was here that he famously quipped: "Les Français y trouvent le calme". (The French there find peace).

-In 1865, St Louis sailed from Madeira to Senegal, via Cape of Good Hope, in the crossing of Africa.

-In 1882, the first Sporting Clube de Madeira football team was established. It is one of the oldest in international football.

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The Madeira Wine Company was founded in 1885.

-In 1889, William Tabor discovered a rich gold vein at his mine in Skouwberg, sparking an influx of 30,000 prospectors. As many as 15,000 came from the British Isles alone. Tabor's mine was soon shipping out some $500,000 worth of gold a year.

-In World War II, Madeira's location made it an ideal launch area for the Bristol Blenheim bombers that operated in the Battle of Britain.

-In 1949, Madeira declared its independence from Portugal, following the overthrow of Antonio Salazar's dictatorship. However, this declaration was not recognised by Portugal or any other country; the status quo remained in place.

-In 1951, a pipeline was laid between Porto Santo Island and Funchal to transport natural gas from Porto Santo Island to Madeira. This pipeline was inaugurated on 23 October 1951, while the world's longest submarine pipeline was inaugurated in 1957.

-In 1977, Portugal's independence from its colonies led to the restoration of Madeira as a Portuguese region.

-In 2002, Madeira was struck by flash floods and mudslides that killed 10 and caused widespread damage to property.

In 2003, the Port of Funchal was expanded.

-In 2009, Madeira was a victim of the global recession, prompting officials to consider a bailout arranged by Portugal's central government.

-In 2011, Madeira celebrated its 800th anniversary. On 1 August 2012 it celebrated 50 years of freedom and democracy as well as 10 years of holding political autonomy.

-In 2012, travellers from Britain were unhappy after a volcanic eruption caused the closure of Funchal International Airport for several days.


-Plavac Mali (red dog) is one of Madeira's most popular grape varietals with a spicy red fruit flavor. It is thought that Plavac Mali originated in Korcula Island of Croatia and was brought to Madeira during the reign of King Manuel I at the beginning of the 16th century. Today, it accounts for around 85% of Madeira's vineyards.

-The natural beauty of Madeira is unique. It has the benefit of being one of the most picturesque locations in Europe with a wide range of topography and abundant natural resources, such as forests, lakes and beaches.

-While it is a small island (around 320 km2; 130 sq mi), Madeira offers great natural beauty, archaeological treasures and iconic cathedrals to delight its visitors.

-Madeira is often known as Portugal's sunniest island. It is known for its fiercely hot and sunny weather, which has a significant effect on the lush vegetation of the island. The average annual temperature is 16°C (61°F), with the warmest months being June to August. This tropical climate means that the island receives sunshine nearly every day of the year and rainfall is rare. In winter it rains often, sometimes at least once per week, and in summer it rains occasionally.

-The island's natural resources include bauxite, nickel and phosphate. Due to its volcanic origin, Madeira has plenty of hot springs including Caldeirão do Fogo, Caldeirão do Facho and Caldeirão das Taipas. The region of Novo Campo is known for its geothermal activity. It is also the place where "furnas", or geysers are most frequently seen.

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Madeira is made up of four major regions:

-Porto Santo island has a distinct volcanic tuff and granite substrate, giving it a rugged appearance. It is about 6 km (4 mi) long and just 2 km (1 mi) wide, with the southern tip where Porto Santo village is located being its only point of high ground. It is known for its picturesque beaches and quiet, clean waters. It has over 150 km (93 mi) of coastline and a number of bays with white sand beaches. There are very few stones on the island, giving it an abandoned appearance.

-Madeira is made up of two groups of islands: North and South continents. The North continent includes Porto Santo, São Vicente and the northern most parts of the island. These islands have large bays whose shores are covered with black volcanic tuff or granite. The South continent includes Funchal, the southern oversea islands and the island of Madeira.

-Porto Moniz is a small town on Madeira's South continent, around 60 kilometres from Funchal and about 44 kilometres from Porto Santo. It is an important port for shipping bananas, flowers and various agricultural products to Quatro Nove de Julho airport in Funchal. It is also a popular destination for tourists. There are several hotels in the town, but most of the rooms have been turned into apartments for tourists. The beaches in Porto Moniz are excellent.

-Nova Serpa is a port village on Madeira's South continent with a natural bay. The beach is outstanding, and there are several excellent restaurants on the beach and in the town itself that serve seafood such as langoustine and almadraba (sea bass). The main area of activity in the town is the annual Madeira Island Arts Festival, which takes place each June in a dedicated area of the town. The beach at Nova Serpa is around seven kilometres long and has very light surf.

-Porto Moniz is home to one of Europe's largest bauxite refineries, Coreamed, as well as a waste treatment plant which handles virtually all the generated wastes from a period of 12 months. There are also fish canning and other food processing industries in the area. The area is known for its sheep, with about 25,000 head of sheep on the island.

-Madeira is a territory of Portugal, an archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean, an island group in the North Atlantic Ocean 300 mi (480 km) west of Morocco with a population of 378,521 inhabitants (2012). The islands have been an autonomous region of Portugal since 1976.

-Madeira is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system and universal suffrage. Executive power is exercised by the Government. Legislative power is vested in the Regional Assembly. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.

-The Head of State of Madeira, according to the Constitution, is the President of the Autonomous Region who resides in Funchal, elected directly for a five-year term by universal suffrage, with no right to immediate re-election.



Madeira is one of the most amazing holiday destinations you can visit and is also a great introduction to Portugal. It is also a fantastic place to explore on its own and has two airports, Funchal International Airport at Madeira International Airport in Porto Moniz.