Luxury Hotel Holidays

Dubai, UAE

Now everyone takes their holidays in Dubai, it wasn't always like this. 30 years ago Dubai was a small port of traders sailing their Arab Dhows up and down the Arabian Gulf and beyond into the Indian Ocean trading all kinds of goods. Outside the port there was noting but sand. Then the development began and now Dubai is both the 'Clapham Junction' of the airline world with thousands of passengers connecting to all major cities worldwide and an iconic holiday destination in its own right. Dubai has miles of golden sands beaches with some of the worlds finest quality hotels. Carved out of the desert, this luxurious playground for the rich and famous plays host to an incredible array of world-class sporting events, golf courses, beaches, diving sites and countless designer boutiques. Brunch on Fridays is a must and the many Michelin-starred restaurants and chic cafés make Dubai a haven for foodies. There is wide choice of accommodation to chose from either in the city itself of on Jumeirah Beach.

Dubai City:

Whether its business or pleasure the city hotels all have fine restaurants and swimming pools. Connections to the Media City, the Marina and Financial District can be made easily by using the new subway system

Jumeirah Beach:

Miles of sandy beaches overlooking the warm water of the Arabian Gulf, the choice of hotels is staggering from modest Four Star to the Six Star Burj al Arab. We Recommend Hotel Le Royal Meridien.


Ramadan - The U.A.E. is a country of Muslim faith and observes the tradition of fasting during daylight hours for the whole of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Please be aware that during the Ramadan visitors are required to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public areas during daylight hours. In Dubai this does not usually apply to services provided within the hotels. Serving of alcohol and entertainment may be limited during daylight hours.



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